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Sea Angel Grass

Crocheting angels

An angel is a supernatural being or spirit, often depicted as a messenger of God or a guardian of human beings in various religions and spiritual traditions. Angels are typically depicted as having wings, and are often portrayed as being immortal and all-knowing. They are believed to be… Read More »Crocheting angels

Cotton types

Cotton is a type of fiber that is obtained from the seeds of the cotton plant, which is a member of the mallow family. There are many different types of cotton, and the specific characteristics of a cotton fiber can vary depending on factors such as the variety… Read More »Cotton types

What is Cotton?

Name in Lithuanian (medvilnė) suggests that it is wool growing on a tree. Neighboring languages ​​have a similar meaning (baumwolle in German, kokvilna in Latvian). In Europe in the Middle Ages, it was known that this fiber, similar to sheep’s wool, was brought from distant lands. But Europeans… Read More »What is Cotton?

Lyjo lelijo

“Lyjo Lelijo” is Sutartine, Lithuanian traditional multipart song, three voiced. Sutartine is polyphonic form of singing. From 2010 sutartine is inscribed in UNESCO list as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Sutartine can be two-voiced or three-voiced polyphony, also there are four-part songs that are performed by four singers… Read More »Lyjo lelijo