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How To Start Easy Crochet Mandala – The Center

Mandala center

In this post we’re going to focus on creating the center of the mandala.

When it comes to creating a crochet mandala center, the possibilities are endless. There are countless stitch patterns and designs to choose from that can create a unique and beautiful centerpiece.

Crocheting Simple Center

Let’s crochet very simple mandala center.

You will need to learn: magic ring, chain, double crochet and invisible join of the round.

First video – showing how to do a magic ring with 12 double crochet stitches. Next video – showing how to do invisible join.

Materials And Tools

For crochet mandala I usually use Scheepjes Catona (wide range of colors):

Scheepjes Catona yarn: https://amzn.to/3VsA4yo
Crochet hook: https://amzn.to/3AQIyG6

In tutorial videos above I have used:

Scheepjes Bloom yarn: https://www.scheepjes.com/en/bloom-730/
Crochet hook: https://amzn.to/3LAH1ZO

Patterns Of Crochet Mandala Center

Meaning And Symbolism

The mandala center represents the center of the universe, which is believed to be the source of all creation. It is a powerful symbol of unity, wholeness, and balance. In crochet mandalas, the center is often created using a magic ring or circle, which represents the infinite and eternal nature of the universe. As you crochet the center of your mandala, you are creating a physical representation of the cosmic center, connecting you to the larger universe.

In addition to its spiritual symbolism, the mandala center also holds cultural significance. In many cultures, including Native American and Tibetan, mandalas are used for healing and meditation. The intricate patterns and colors of mandalas are believed to have a calming and therapeutic effect on the mind and body. By creating and meditating on a crochet mandala center, you can tap into this ancient practice and connect with your own inner self.

As we create the mandala, we may find that we are uncovering and revealing parts of ourselves that were hidden or forgotten.

In crochet mandalas, the center is often embellished with various stitches and designs. Each stitch and color holds its own symbolism and meaning, further enhancing the spiritual and cultural significance of the mandala center. For example, the single crochet stitch represents simplicity and stability, while the double crochet stitch represents flexibility and adaptability.

The color blue represents peace and tranquility, while the color yellow represents energy and joy. By choosing specific stitches and colors for your mandala center, you can create a personalized and meaningful piece of art.


Incorporating the symbolism and meaning of the mandala center into your crochet practice can add depth and intention to your creations. As you crochet, focus on the spiritual and cultural significance of the mandala center, and let this guide your color and stitch choices. By doing so, you can create a crochet mandala that not only looks beautiful but also holds a deeper meaning and purpose. Next time you crochet a mandala center, take a moment to reflect on its symbolism and let it guide your creativity.

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