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Quick And Easy Brioche Crochet Daisy Hexagon – Free Pattern

Brioche crochet daisy


This is one of the my first designs I have created using this amazing crochet technique – brioche crochet. It would be good place to start if you have never tried this technique.

What is Brioche Crochet?

Brioche crochet is like a cool twist on regular crochet! It makes a thick, reversible fabric with a ribbed look. It’s kinda similar to brioche knitting in how it feels. Unlike regular crochet, which stacks one row of stitches on another, brioche crochet has two layers of stitches that lock together, making it look super unique.

Materials Needed

Before we delve into the technique, gather the following materials:

  1. Yarn: Choose two contrasting colors of yarn to make the brioche stitch pattern more pronounced.
  2. Crochet Hook: Pick a hook size that corresponds to the weight of your yarn. You may find it helpful to use a hook that’s one size larger than what you would typically use for the selected yarn to keep your tension loose.

I have used following yarn and hook here in my videos: Scheepjes Bloom, clover hook 5 mm.

Brioche Crochet Stitch Basics

US notations used.

In brioche crochet, a variety of stitches come together to create the beautiful ribbed fabric. Let’s explore the fundamental stitches used in this technique:

Chain Stitch (ch): The foundation of any crochet project, the chain stitch creates a series of loops that serve as the starting point for your work.

Slip Stitch (slst): A slip stitch is a simple and versatile stitch used to join rounds, create decorative edges, or move the yarn across your work without adding height to the row.

Front Post Double Crochet (FPdc): The front post double crochet is a technique that creates a raised stitch by working around the post of the double crochet from the previous row. This stitch adds texture and dimension to your brioche crochet fabric.

Double Crochet (dc): The double crochet is a classic crochet stitch that adds height to your fabric. It is commonly used in brioche crochet in the foundation rows and as part of increase stitch in brioche crochet.

Single Crochet (sc): The single crochet is a basic stitch used in many crochet projects. In brioche crochet, it’s often used to create a border.

Front Post Double Crochet Shell (2FPdcShell): used to increase stitches. It is essential in round projects. It consists of 2 FPdc and ch 2 between them into the same stitch.

Front Post Treble Crochet Cross (2FPtcCross): decorative X form motif. Skip 1 stitch of the same color, FPtc into next same color stitch, chain 2, FPtc into previously skipped stitch.


Round 1:
With A yarn start into magic ring with ch 3 (counts as dc), 11 dc. Join with start of the round with slst. (12 dc)

Round 2:
Continue with A yarn. ch 3 (counts as dc), skip 1, ch 2, *into one st – shell: dc, ch 2, dc; skip 1, ch 2* repeat 5 times **. dc into first st of round, ch 2. Join with start of the round with slst into top ch st and changing to yarn B. (12 dc-ch2)

Round 3:
With B yarn, all stitches will be into round 1 stitches. We will crochet parallel round to round 2. ch 1, *dc into next st, ch 2, dc into base st of shell from round 2 (between 2dc), ch 2* repeat 6 times **. Join with start of the round with slst into first dc and with changing to yarn A. (12 dc-ch2)

Main brioche pattern

Round 4:

With A yarn, all stitches will be into round 2 stitches. ch 1, *FPdc into the same color st, ch 2* repeat 12 times **. Join with start of the round with slst into first dc and with changing to yarn B. (12 FPdc-ch2)

Main principles of brioche crochet:

1.Every second round has color change (on slip stitch).

2.Each round starts with ch 1, then a stitch into next stitch of the same color.

3.Each round ends with ch 2 and slip stitch into first stitch of the round.

4. There’s ch 2 between all stitches: FPdc, dc, 2FPdcShell, 2FPtcCross

Pattern for rounds 5-16 (repeat each motif 6 times):

Round 5. B: FPdc, 2FPdcShell

Round 6. A: FPdc, dc, FPdc

Round 7. B: FPdc, FPdc, FPdc

Round 8. A: 2FPdcShell, FPdc, FPdc

Round 9. B: dc, FPdc, FPdc, FPdc

Round 10. A: FPdc, 2FPtcCross, FPdc

Round 11. B: FPdc, FPdc, FPdc, 2FPdcShell

Round 12. A: FPdc, FPdc, FPdc, dc, FPdc

Round 13. B: FPdc, FPdc, FPdc, FPdc, FPdc

Round 14. A: FPdc, FPdc, 2FPdcShell, FPdc, FPdc

Round 15. B: FPdc, FPdc, dc, FPdc, FPdc, FPdc

Round 16 (border). 2sc, 1sc, 2sc, 2sc, (2sc, 1sc)*4


Here’s more resources for brioche exploration.

Video tutorial for this pattern:

Checkout Brioche crochet playlist on my Youtube channel:

Pattern (ads free, with fully written instructions and pictures).

Galima įsigyti čia:

Smagaus nėrimo!

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