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What is Crochet Mandala?

What is crochet mandala


Mandala is a geometric design that holds spiritual significance in various religious and cultural traditions, especially in Hinduism and Buddhism. The term “mandala” is derived from the Sanskrit word “mandala,” which means circle.

Mandalas are often used as an aid in meditation and are believed to represent the universe, cosmos, or a microcosm of the self.

Mandalas can have different meanings depending on the specific tradition or culture in which they are used. In Hinduism, for example, mandalas may represent the divine, while in Buddhism, they may be used as a tool for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Mandalas can also be used for therapeutic purposes and are often incorporated into mindfulness and art therapy practices.

They are typically symmetrical and consist of intricate patterns and shapes arranged around a central point or focal point. Mandalas can be created using a variety of materials and mediums, including sand, paint, colored pencils, digital software and yarn.


A crochet mandala is a circular motif that is made using crochet stitches and techniques.
It is a popular craft that has been used for centuries across various cultures.

In the world of crochet, mandalas have become a popular form of artistic expression, allowing crafters to explore the intricate designs and patterns of these sacred symbols in a new and unique way.

By crocheting mandalas, we can tap into the rich history and cultural significance of these beautiful symbols while also creating something that is uniquely our own.


  1. Wall art: Frame your mandalas or attach them to a canvas for a stunning piece of wall art.
  2. Coasters: Use your mandalas as coasters to protect your furniture while adding a touch of color and style to your home.
  3. Pillow covers: Sew your mandalas onto a pillow cover for a unique and personalized touch to your decor.
  4. Dreamcatchers: Incorporate your mandalas into a DIY dreamcatcher for a bohemian-inspired look.

crochet mandalas for mindfulness and relaxation

  1. The repetitive motion of crocheting can help to calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Crochet mandalas can also be used as a visual aid during meditation. By focusing on the intricate patterns and colors of the mandala, the mind can become more centered and focused, leading to a deeper sense of relaxation and inner peace.

No matter how you choose to use your crochet mandalas, they are sure to add a touch of handmade beauty to your home or daily routine.

Mandala wall art


Crocheting mandalas is a wonderful way to combine creativity and relaxation.

Practice of creating crochet mandalas can be a powerful tool for personal growth and healing.

For beginners, we recommend starting with a simple pattern of mandala coaster that uses only a few basic stitches. Such patterns are easy to follow and allow you to practice your skills before moving on to more complex designs.

There are many resources available for further study and practice, and we encourage learners to continue exploring the art of crochet mandala.

Happy crocheting!

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